Tagul Tag Clouds

Came across this website called Tagul on a @geneabloggers tweet which creates an interactive tag cloud which can be placed on your blog and website.

I have used a similar site before called Wordle which does essentially the same thing. That is they are both used for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

The key difference between them is that Wordle creates an image which can be saved while Tagul creates an interactive tag cloud.

This is my first attempt:

This is a non interactive version.The interactive version which updates is on the bottom right of the page.

Creating a logo

I have a fairly clear idea in my head of the overall look I want to achieve with  this blog and eventually the Scottish family history website I am going to set up: www.myscotsancestors.co.uk. I have got as far as buying the URL with that one!

I am not very artistic - my attempts at designing a logo look they have been done by my two year old daughter with her eyes closed - so, as a short term measure, have created a simple one using Vistaprint.

I am reasonably happy with its modern and clean look but will get round to updating it sometime.

Blog Tweaking

Spent a bit of time today playing about with various templates for this blog from: btemplates. They have plenty to choose from but I am still not completely happy with what I have. I may have to resort to playing about with the HTML which was something I was trying to avoid.

I now have the blog talking to twitter and facebook so they will update automatically. It has been a steep learning curve so far but I am enjoying it - time seems to fly by. It's very similar to researching family history where you seem to lose all track of time!

Scottish genealogy and family history links on delicious

Have started putting together the most useful websites for researching your Scottish ancestors. This is very much a work in progress and I will continue to update it. Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.

Click here for link to delicious

Trying to link with Facebook

Let's see if that one has worked then!

Getting Started

Created the blog using Blogger, a Twitter account, MySctsAncstrs, and added a company page on Facebook. Have tried linking them together using Twitterfeed. Lets see if it works...

First Post

Test Post



Blogging For Ancestors

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