Family Photo Mystery

This photo was part of a collection that my Mum found of her family. The only thing that I know about it is that my maternal grandfather John Graham (born 1910) is on the back row, second from the left. He was born in Glasgow, and after a short spell living in Ireland when he was an infant, stayed in Govan and Pollock in Glasgow.

I do not know if this is Army, Navy or Airforce and whether he served in the Second World War. Any ideas or where I might find out more?


Mole said...

Looks like Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force (RFC/RAF). Imperial War Museum publication Tracing Your Family History: Royal Air Force can be purchased online at Imperial War Museum through mail order of the shop. Museum doesn't hold personal service records. If you don't know the unit the person served with tracing him is difficult. Personal service records should be the starting point but many were destroyed in a 1940 air raid. I can tell you more but too much for your comment facility. See email address on my blog profile if you like.

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