Farm Horse Tax 1797-98

A document I recently came across while doing some researching for a friend was the Farm Horse Tax returns. They are a valuable resource for anyone in search of their rural ancestors to find a hidden gem, because they name tenant farmers, who can be difficult to find otherwise. The tax was introduced in 1797 raised to help the war effort against the French and was abandoned soon after. The returns for the whole of Scotland can now be searched free online at the Scotlands Places website

There were several other taxes introduced into Scotland in the late 17th and 18th centuries including:

  • Hearth Tax
  • Poll Tax
  • Window Tax
  • Cart Tax
  • Shop tax
  • Carriage Tax
  • Dog Tax
  • Clock and Watch tax
  • Male and Female Servant Tax


Anonymous said...

Thank you for spreading the word about this - there's some neat stuff in there!

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